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Table 5 Re-rupture of quadriceps tendon

From: Complex ruptures of the quadriceps tendon: a systematic review of surgical procedures and outcomes

Nr. of reference No. of patients Gender Mean age Mechanism of rupture Time before surgery Type of lesion/rerupture Associated injury/comorbidities Type of surgery
[29] The hemisoleus rotational flap provides a novel superior autograft reconstructive option for the treatment of chronic extensor mechanism disruption. (2016) Auregan et al. 1 F 80 6 weeks after TKA during active extension of the knee against resistance 210 days QT rerupture None Medial gastrocnemius-soleus-calcaneus rotational flap
[32] Allograft reconstruction of a chronic quadriceps tendon rupture with use of a novel technique. (2014) Forslund et al. 1 M 47 1°: descending from a cinderblock 2°: during physical therapy 1°: 210 days 2°: 365 days Full thickness after QT rerupture Hypertension 1°: quadriceps tendon V-Y advancement 2°: Achilles tendon-bone block allograft
[28] Autologous hamstring tendon used for revision of quadiceps tendon tears. (2013) McCormick et al. 1 M 38 1°: playing basketball 2°: a fall from standing height 1°: immediatly 2°: 300 days after the rerupture Complete QT rerupture None Bilateral hamstring autograft through a QT weave and a transosseous patellar repair
[23] Modified V-Y turndown flap augmentation for quadriceps tendon rupture following total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective study. (2019) Shi et al. 1   61 Fall from a standing height after TKA 720 days Complete QT rerupture None V-Y turndown flap
[19] Quadriceps tendon repair using hamstring, prolene mesh and autologous conditioned plasma augmentation. A novel technique for repair of chronic quadriceps tendon rupture. (2015) Rehman et al. 1 M 61 Rerupture after primary repair 300 days Complete QT rerupture Hypertension and glaucoma Semitendinosus and gracilis autograft + prolene mesh reinforcement + PRP injection
[48] Quadriceps tendon rupture after total knee arthroplasty. Prevalence, complications, and outcomes. (2005) Dobbs et al. 4 1 M 3 F 69 M 60 F 3 fall, 1 rising from a chair 40 days Complete QT rerupture 1 DM, 1 steroids, 2 previous knee surgeries Sutures