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Table 2 Baseline fracture fragment characteristics after reduction in 3D model

From: Melone’s concept revisited in comminuted distal radius fractures: the three-dimensional CT mapping

 IntactDouble splitTriple splitComminution
C3 Melone fragments (n = 35)
 Radial styloid28412
 Volar medial31211
 Dorsal medial151235
C3 fractures that did not fit Melone (n = 24)
 Radial styloid21306
 Volar medial11405
 Dorsal medial4837
Radial styloid connected to volar medial fragmenta13
Radial styloid connected to dorsal medial fragmentb2
High coronal/die punch5
Central fragment5
  1. aModel including repetition count
  2. bModel including repetition count