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Table 5 Outcomes of the conversion rate to THA and complications

From: Fibula allograft propping as an effective treatment for early-stage osteonecrosis of the femoral head: a systematic review

StudyRate of conversion to THARate of conversion to THA based on stage (ARCO)Complication (n)
Wei et al.19%9, mild pyrexia
3, minor wound hematoma
3, deep infection
Zeng et al.22%IIB, 0%
IIC, 22%
1, weakness of ankle and foot
Wu et al.34.5%IIA, 3.44%
IIB, 17.24%
IIC, 3.44%
IIIA, 10.34%
Cao et al.3.44%
19.23%1, subtrochanteric fracture
Feng et al.4.35%IIIB, 10.71%
14.49%IIC, 20%
IIIB, 16.67%
IIIC, 30%
1, superficial wound infection
2, greater trochanter pain