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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Conservative therapy versus arthroscopic surgery of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAI): a systematic review and meta-analysis

Title No. of patients Age Gender (female:male) Height (cm) Weight (kg) BMI (kg/m2)
Realpe, A.2021 177 171 N N 64:113 71:100 N N N N N N
Martin, S.2021 44 46 49.1 49.6 20:24 23:23 N N N N 26.8 27.1
Hunter, D.2021 50 49 32.9 32.9 26:24 31:18 N N N N N N
Palmer, A. 2018 110 112 36.0 36.4 73:37 74:38 171.9 170.5 78.6 76.1 26.6 25.9
Mansell, N.2018 40 40 30.6 29.7 14:26 19:21 N N N N 27.47 28.23
Griffin, D.2018 177 171 35.2 35,4 64:113 71:100 N N N N N N
Title Follow-up (month) Outcome Adverse event Morphology
Realpe, A.2021 12 12 iHOT-33, questionnaire N N N N
Martin, S.2021 12 12 iHOT-33, mHHS, visual analog scale, HOS-ADL, NAHS, Lower Extremity Function Score N N N N
Hunter, D.2021 12 12 dGEMRIC, iHOT-33, HOOS, SF-12, PCS, MCS, EQ-5D muscle soreness numbness in the groin, leg or foot Pincer: 9, Cam: 30, Mix: 10 Pincer: 9, Cam: 32, Mix: 9
Palmer, A. 2018 8 8 HOS-ADL, HOS sport subscale, NAHS, HAGOS, OHS, iHOT-33 chronic pain Superficial wound Infection, Injury to the lateral cutaneous nerve Pincer: 0, Cam: 104, Mix: 6 Pincer: 1, Cam: 104, Mix: 7
Mansell, N.2018 24 24 HOS, iHOT-33, Global Rating of Change N N N N
Griffin, D.2018 12 12 iHOT-33, EQ-5D-5L, SF-12 Muscle soreness, Numbness in the groin, leg or foot, hip pain or stiffness, Muscle soreness, Numbness in the groin, leg or foot, hip pain or stiffness, superficial wound, hip joint infection Pincer: 14, Cam: 133, Mix:30 Pincer: 13, Cam: 129, Mix:29
  1. CT Conservative treatment: Including but not limited to patient education, activity modifications, oral anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and intra-articular musculoskeletal injection therapies. AT Arthroscopic surgery N: Not present dGEMRIC: delayed gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of cartilage. iHOT-33: International Hip Outcome Tool HOOS: the Hip disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, SF-12 12-item Short Form Health Survey. PCS Physical component score. MCS Mental component score HOS-ADL: activities of daily living subscale of the hip outcome score HOS Hip outcome score NAHS Non-arthritic hip score, HAGOS Copenhagen hip and groin outcome score OHS Oxford hip score, mHHS Modified Harris Hip Score