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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and surgical outcomes of the patients

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Failure of internal fixation of the anterior ring for unstable pelvic fractures, the experience of a single institute

No Sex/age Cause of injury Fracture type Combined with other organ injury Surgical timing (days after injury) Initial internal fixation Second internal fixation method Surgical duration (min) Intraoperative blood loss (mL) Quality of reduction of initial surgery (Majeed scoring system)
Anterior ring Posterior ring
1 M/37 Car accident B3 Yes 8 Anterior ring EF SI screw 121 3466 Fair
2 F/42 Car accident B3 No 6 Posterior ring EF Steel plate 143 511 Good
3 M/33 Car accident C1 No 4 Posterior ring Steel plate Steel plate 245 1513 Fair
4 M/56 Fall from height C1 Yes 10 Posterior ring Steel plate SI screw 135 927 Good
5 M/43 Fall from height C2 No 14 Anterior ring Steel plate Steel plate 207 2330 Fair
6 F/29 Car accident C3 Yes 15 Posterior ring Steel plate Steel plate 263 1789 Good
7 M/55 Car accident C1 Yes 10 Anterior ring Steel plate SI screw 142 1392 Fair
  1. EF external frame, SI sacro-iliac (SI)