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Table 1 The mean results of bone mineral density measurements according to histological, biomechanical, radiological, and DEXA evaluations

From: Does clozapine really affect bone mineral density? An experimental study

  Control Group
Mean value
Mean value
p value
Histological evaluation
(osteocyte:osteoblast ratio)
2.468 2.257 0.111
Biomechanical evaluation
(three-point bending)
195.3 213.4 0.103
Radiological evaluation
(Density of cortex and medulla)
(Hounsfield units)
Cortex 902
Medulla 291.8
Cortex 1001
Medulla 285.8
DEXA measurements
(BMD g/cm2)
0.2127 0.2102 0.662