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Table 5 Comparison of the width of the pubic symphysis in different ethnic groups

From: Width of pubic symphysis relating to age and sex in Koreans

Author (Year) Ethnic Measurement
X-ray CT USG P
Hwang (present study) Korean M: 4.2±1.8
F: 4.6±2.6
Total: 4.4±2.3
AWA: 15.0±6.0
AWP: 2.3±1.3
AWA: 16.4±6.2
AWN: 3.1±1.5
Loeschcke (1934) German M: 4.9±1.3
F: 7.5±4.1
Pregnancy: 21.1±4.3
Multiparous: 20.0±3.8
   M: 0.095
F: < 0.001
Roberts (1934) British (Non-pregnant)
Nulliparae: 2.6
Parae: 2.6
Primigravidae: 4.2
Multiparae: 5.0
Aligioglu (2008) Turkish   AWA: 12.2±1.2
AWP: 3.7±4.0
  AWA, AWP: <0.001
New Zealanders    (Nulliparous)
AWN: 2.6±0.7
AWA: <0.001
AWN: 0.071
  1. CT computed tomography, USG ultrasonography, P p value, each p value is compared with the present study, M male, F female, AWA width of pubic symphysis at the anterior border, AWP width of pubic symphysis at the posterior border, AWN width of pubic symphysis at the narrowest point