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Table 6 the advantages of arthroscopic LR release combined with lateral patelloplasty

From: Outcome and experience of arthroscopic lateral retinacular release combined with lateral patelloplasty in the management of excessive lateral pressure syndrome

The advantages
Arthroscopic LR release has small trauma, conducive to the postoperative recovery and early functional exercise. Intraoperative dynamic observation of the patellofemoral joint surface can guide the degree of the release and observe the released effect.
The reservation of the synovial membrane and joint capsule during arthroscopic LR release can reduce postoperative adhesions and intra-articular hemorrhage, and prevent excessive release.
Lateral patelloplasty could correct lateral patella morphology and improve patellofemoral joint matching and motion trajectory of patella, and reduce lateral impact between the lateral articular surface of the patellofemoral joint to reduce secondary cartilage damage.
Direct vision during surgery does prevent injury to the lateral femoral muscle tissue, and can selectively release LR shallow and deep layers partially or totally, which could prevent over-release.
Surgeons could dynamically and intuitively observe the motion trajectory of the patella, contact pressure of the patellofemoral joint and the degree of degeneration of the affected articular cartilage so as to facilitate accurate judgment of the disease and timely observation of the surgical effect.