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Table 1 The table shows area covered by biofilm on the steel plates before and after sonication in both experiments (12-h and 72-h biofil

From: Highly variable effect of sonication to dislodge biofilm-embedded Staphylococcus epidermidis directly quantified by epifluorescence microscopy: an in vitro model study

  Median (mm2) 25–75% percentile (mm2) Minimum
Maximum (mm2)
12-h biofilm
(46 plates)
Before sonication 25.3 25.1–25.6 23.3–26.7
After sonication 1.1 0.4–6.8 0.0–22.2
72-h biofilm
(12 plates)
Before sonication 28.3 27.9–29.3 27.5–30.0
After sonication 22.0 0.1–28.8 0.1–30.7