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Table 2 As part of the extended metal and bone cement series, 11 additional substances, each commercially available and prepared at different concentrations (conc.) in either a petrolatum (pet.) or aqueous (aq.) base (veh. = vehicle), are applied to the patient’s upper back in an individualized test set

From: The role of antibiotic-loaded bone cement in complicated knee arthroplasty: relevance of gentamicin allergy and benefit from revision surgery — a case control follow-up study and algorithmic approach

Metal and bone cement series Allergen Conc. Veh. Readings
  Titanium(IV)-oxide 0.1% pet. D2, D3, D6
Manganese(II)-chloride 0.5% pet. D2, D3, D6
Molybdenum(V)-chloride 2.0% pet. D2, D3, D6
Vanadium-pentoxide 10% pet. D2, D3, D6
2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate 1.0% pet. D2, D3, D6
Copper(II) sulfate 1.0% aq. D2, D3, D6
Benzoyl peroxide 1.0% pet. D2, D3, D6
Gentamicin sulfate 20% pet. D2, D3, D6
Hydroquinone 1.0% pet. D2, D3, D6
N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidine 2.0% pet. D2, D3, D6
Methylmethacrylate 2.0% pet. D2, D3, D6