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Table 4 KEGG pathway enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes in E-group and S-group

From: Bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed genes in subchondral bone in early experimental osteoarthritis using microarray data

ID Description pvalue p.adjust gname
rno00730 Thiamine metabolism 0.009585 0.866414 ALPL/AKP3/AK1
rno04923 Regulation of lipolysis in adipocytes 0.018613 0.866414 GNAI3/PIK3CD/PLA2G16/AQP7/GNAS
rno05230 Central carbon metabolism in cancer 0.025683 0.866414 PDHA1/HK1/PIK3CD/PFKP/ERBB2
rno04915 Estrogen signaling pathway 0.026369 0.866414 GNAI3/TFF1/PIK3CD/RARA/HSPA1B/ITPR1/GNAS/HSPA1L
rno04966 Collecting duct acid secretion 0.033955 0.866414 ATP6V1G3/ATP6V1E1/CLCNKB
rno05162 Measles 0.039454 0.866414 PIK3CD/IFIH1/EIF3H/RAB9A/FASLG/HSPA1B/CCND3/HSPA1L
rno00600 Sphingolipid metabolism 0.040658 0.866414 B4GALT6/PPAP2B/ACER2/CERS1
rno00983 Drug metabolism—other enzymes 0.042438 0.866414 ITPA/CES2A/UGT2B5/GUSB/GSTA5/NAT2
rno04710 Circadian rhythm 0.044488 0.866414 PRKAB2/ARNTL/PER3