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Table 7 Comparison of key characteristics of this pilot study with other studies on treatment of subjects suffering from sPTRCT with stem cells published in the literature

From: Safety and efficacy of treating symptomatic, partial-thickness rotator cuff tears with fresh, uncultured, unmodified, autologous adipose-derived regenerative cells (UA-ADRCs) isolated at the point of care: a prospective, randomized, controlled first-in-human pilot study

Reference characteristicThis study[52][53][54][55][56]
Use of stem cells as the sole therapyYesNoNoNoNoYes
Number of subjects in the treatment group11144583513
Control groupYesNoNoNoYesNoa
Number of subjects in the control group5n/an/an/a353+3
Statistical analysis of differences between and/or within groups as result of treatmentYes (b/w)NoYes (w)NoYes (b/w)Yes (w)
Augmentation of rotator cuff repair with stem cellsNoYesYesYesYesNo
Arthroscopic evaluation of the rotator cuff before injection of stem cellsNon/an/an/an/aYes
Use of UA-ADRCs (1), ASCs (2) or BM-MSCs (3)133312
  1. RCT randomized controlled trial; UA-ADRCs fresh, uncultured, unmodified, autologous adipose derived regenerative cells; ASCs adipose-derived stem cells; BM-MSCs bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
  2. aDifferent groups of subjects with different doses of ASCs, but no other control group