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Table 4 The diagnostic performance of US feature predictive model, Esd value, and rtSWE image pattern for malignancy prediction

From: Diagnostic performance of conventional ultrasound and quantitative and qualitative real-time shear wave elastography in musculoskeletal soft tissue tumors

MethodsOptimized cut-off valueSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)PNV (%)Accuracy (%)Az (95% CIs)
US feature predictive modelPre value > 0.33871.4386.765.289.775.40.851 (0.754~0.920)
Esd value> 0.866.78560.987.971.40.795 (0.691~0.877)
rtSWE image patternPattern III or IV61.990.068.487.169.20.792 (0.687~0.874)