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Table 1 Eligibility Criteria for studies included in the review

From: Effect of hospital volume on outcomes of total hip arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
1) Studies that compared the outcomes of low-volume hospitals (LVH) and high-volume hospitals (HVH) for hip arthroplasty.
2) Articles in which the study population was undergoing primary or revision THA.*
3) Reported outcomes included perioperative morbidity/complication, in-hospital mortality, postoperative mortality within 1 year, readmission, length of stay (LOS), and cost of surgery.
1) Less than 25 cases
2) Greater than 10% patients lost to follow-up
3) Measured outcomes not reporting significance of results
4) Studies not available in English
  1. *Studies reporting relationships between hospital volume and hip arthroplasty following trauma/malignancy were excluded.