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Table 1 Rehabilitation program over 3 months

From: Autologous bone marrow expanded mesenchymal stem cells in patellar tendinopathy: protocol for a phase I/II, single-centre, randomized with active control PRP, double-blinded clinical trial

Rehabilitation programDay 0–34–5 days2–3 weeks4–8 weeks3 months
Isometric squat against wall 5 reps × 30–40 s (3’ rest). Progress from 45° to 90° knee flex)  
Cycling (alternate days)  15–30 min15 min 
Isometric leg extension 30°  8 reps × 45'' (1’ rest)  
Elliptical training (alternate days)   15 min 
Slow dynamic knee extension (Con/Ecc)   4'' Con/4'' Ecc, 30'' rest. Increase load from 2 to 12 kg. Progress from bilateral to unilateral 
Numeric rate score (NRS) allowed   < 4/10, if > 4/10 stop progression load for 2–3 days 
Running    Progressively
Plyometrics    Progressive jumps landing to plyometrics. Every 3 days
Fast dynamic exercise (Con/Ecc)    3 × 6–8 reps, 1–3' rest