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Table 1 Main characteristics and Follow-up results of the study population

From: Anti-sliding plate technique for coronal shear fractures of the distal humerus

PatientGenderAgeType of traumaType of fractureType of fractureMayo elbow performance scoreFollow-up duration
ID(year)(Dubberley classification)(AO/OTA classification)(MEPS)(month)
1M29Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent18
2F37Fall from the roofIIIAB3.3Fair15
3M34Fall from the bikeIIAB3.3Excellent18
4M31Fall from the stairsIIBB3.3Good24
5M35Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent12
6F53Fall from the stairsIIAB3.3Excellent20
7M36Fall from the bikeIIIAB3.3Good16
8F47Fall from the groundIBB3.3Excellent20
9M62Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent24
10M31Fall from the bikeIIAB3.3Excellent12
11F27Fall from the stairsIIIAB3.3Good12
12F41Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent24
13M32Fall from the groundIIIAB3.3Excellent16
14M27Fall from the stairsIIAB3.3Excellent12
15F55Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent18
16M38Fall from the bikeIIBB3.3Good15
17M44Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent12
18F36Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent15
19M27Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent24
20M56Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent18
21M27Fall from the bikeIIIAB3.3Good18
22F37Fall from the groundIBB3.1Excellent16
23M54Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent20
24M34Fall from the roofIIIAB3.3Good21
25M38Fall from the stairsIAB3.1Excellent14
26F61Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent15
27M48Fall from the bikeIIIAB3.3Good18
28F32Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent16
29M43Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent18
30M33Fall from the groundIIIAB3.3Excellent14
31F34Fall from the roofIIIBB3.3Fair12
32F41Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent20
33M43Fall from the stairsIIIAB3.3Good15
34M32Fall from the stairsIIAB3.3Excellent16
35F35Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent20
36M48Fall from the groundIIIAB3.3Good24
37M49Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent16
38F39Fall from the stairsIIIBB3.3Fair24
39M45Fall from the groundIIIAB3.3Excellent14
40M56Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent18
41M61Fall from the groundIBB3.1Excellent20
42M42Fall from the bikeIIIAB3.3Excellent18
43F51Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent20
44M37Fall from the roofIIIBB3.3Fair24
45M53Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent16
46F27Fall from the groundIIBB3.3Good18
47M34Fall from the groundIBB3.1Excellent14
48M29Fall from the bikeIIIBB3.3Fair18
49M30Fall from the stairsIIIAB3.3Good20
50F46Fall from the groundIAB3.1Excellent12
51M35Fall from the groundIIAB3.3Excellent22
52M49Fall from the groundIBB3.1Excellent20