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Table 1 Study characteristics and patient demographics of the included studies

From: A meta-analysis comparing tenotomy or tenodesis for lesions of the long head of the biceps tendon with concomitant reparable rotator cuff tears

Author (year)Study, LOESample sizeAge, mean (range), yearSex, M/F, nFollow-up, months
Castricini (2018)PCS, I312459.9 (40–71)57.1 (40–70)14/177/1724.0024.00
Lee (2016)RCT, I567262.8 (55–77)62.9 (50–75)11/4518/5425.1019.70
Oh (2016)PCS, II273161.04 (53–69)56.61 (42–76)9/1821/2021.9821.46
Zhang (2015)RCT, I777461 (55–67)61 (55–71)36/4135/3925.0025.00
Kukkonen (2013)PCS, II262462.7(F); 63.7(M)54.1(F); 54.9(M)13/1315/924.0024.00
De Carli (2012)PCS, II303559.656.3NGNG23.0025.00
Koh (2010)PCS, II414366 (55–82)65 (55–77)9/3216/2727.9327.05
  1. PCS prospective cohort study, RCT randomized controlled trial, LOE levels of evidence, Tt tenotomy, Td tenodesis, M male, F female, NG not given