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Fig. 5

From: Active unicameral bone cysts: control firstly, cure secondly

Fig. 5

X-ray films of the persistent cysts in a 10-year-old boy after two treatments (1, frontal X-ray; 2, lateral X-ray). a An active unicameral bone cyst was found at the proximal humerus due to pathological fracture and treated conservatively for 6 weeks. b Two months after the first treatment, no significant change was noted in the cyst. c After 2 months of observation, the cyst remained unchanged and was treated for the second time. d Three months after the second treatment, the cyst was partially healed and began to move away from the epiphyseal growth plate. e Nine months after the second treatment, the radiolucent area filled > 50% of the diameter of the bone and the cyst persisted

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