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Table 2 Correlation of cadaver height and the soft tissue attachment on the coracoid process

From: Predictors of safety margin for coracoid transfer: a cadaveric morphometric analysis

Cadaver height vs r p value
Total coracoid length 0.59 0.001
Coracoid base length 0.39 0.04
Coracoid tip to elbow 0.51 0.005
Coracoid tip to distal trapezoid ligament 0.48 0.009
Coracoid tip to anterior pectoralis minor 0.002 0.99
Coracoid tip to posterior pectoralis minor 0.23 0.24
Coracoid tip to anterior coracoacromial ligament 0.16 0.40
Coracoid tip to posterior coracoacromial ligament -0.14 0.47