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Table 1 The general characteristic of the included studies

From: Is minimally invasive superior than open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion for single-level degenerative lumbar diseases: a meta-analysis

Reference Country Mean age (years) Sample size Study type Follow-up O-TLIF MI-TLIF
Singh et al. [11] USA 51.67/49.85 33/33 RCTs 6 months Midline incision Unilateral approach
Kulkarni et al. [12] India 51.55/50.40 36/25 RCTs 36.5 months Posterior midline incision Unilateral approach
Lee et al. [13] Singapore 56.6/ 56.8 40/40 RCTs 24 months NS NS
Seng et al. [14] Singapore 52.2/56.6 72/72 RCTs 60 months Midline incision Parasagittal incision
Serban et al. [15] USA 51.3/ 50.1 24/23 RCTs 6 months Midline skin Parasagittal incision
Wang et al. [16] China 56.4/ 54.2 42/39 RCTs 36.1 months Midline open approach NS
Wang et al. [17] China 47.9/53.2 42/43 RCTs 26.3 months Midline open approach Unilateral approach
  1. RCTs, randomized controlled trials, MI-TLIF, minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, O-TLIF, open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, NS not stated