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Table 6 Correlation between active external rotation range (AERR) and its related variables

From: Risk factors for retear of large/massive rotator cuff tears after arthroscopic surgery: an analysis of tearing patterns

Group AS (N = 59) P value Group PS (N = 21) P value Group APE (N = 22) P value
Retraction 0.039 Preoperative ER 0.001 SSP FD 0.002
Width 0.0023 Preoperative FLEX MS 0.02 ISP/TM FD 0.0074
SSP FD 0.0043 ISP/TM FD 0.048 GFDI 0.012
Goutallier SSP 0.001     
GFDI 0.0084 *Goutallier ISP 0.08 *Goutallier ISP 0.068
  1. ER external rotation, MS muscle strength, FD fatty degeneration, GFDI global fatty degeneration index
  2. *There were no significant differences or trends