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Table 6 Serious adverse events (safety population)

From: Safety of three different product doses in autologous chondrocyte implantation: results of a prospective, randomised, controlled trial

Dose group Adverse event During year after implantation Severity Relationship to treatment Outcome
Low Convulsion 1st Moderate None Resolved
Arthralgia 1st Moderate None Resolved
Meniscus lesion 2nd Severe None Resolved
Chondropathy 3rd Moderate Unlikely Resolved
Arthralgia 3rd Moderate Probable Resolved
Uterine cyst 3rd Moderate None Resolved
Medium Syncope 2nd Severe None Resolved
Chondropathy 3rd Moderate None Not resolved
High Umbilical hernia 2nd Mild None Resolved
Chondropathya 2nd Severe Probable Resolved
Arthralgia 3rd Moderate None Resolved
  1. aTwo episodes in the same patient