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Table 1 Gene ontology (GO) analysis for differentially expressed genes (DEGs)

From: Screening for potential genes associated with bone overgrowth after mid-shaft femur fracture in a rat model

GO-ID Description Counts P value
Up-regulated genes
 GO:0009611 Response to wounding 23 3.65E−09
 GO:0006952 Defense response 20 1.82E−07
 GO:0006954 Inflammatory response 15 2.29E−07
 GO:0010033 Response to organic substance 29 2.52E−06
 GO:0000267 Cell fraction 30 6.97E−06
 GO:0042330 Taxis 9 5.29E−06
 GO:0006935 Chemotaxis 9 5.29E−06
Down-regulated genes
 GO:0019935 Cyclic-nucleotide-mediated signaling 11 3.49E−05
 GO:0031410 Cytoplasmic vesicle 27 3.23E−04
 GO:0051046 Regulation of secretion 16 2.58E−04
 GO:0031982 Vesicle 28 3.44E−04
 GO:0019932 Second-messenger-mediated signaling 13 2.80E−04
 GO:0007187 G-protein signaling, coupled to cyclic nucleotide second messenger 9 3.04E−04
 GO:0031988 Membrane-bounded vesicle 25 4.69E−04
 GO:0016023 Cytoplasmic membrane-bounded vesicle 24 6.11E−04
 GO:0044421 Extracellular region part 29 6.64E−04