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Table 1 The table shows the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) ankle-hindfoot scoring system that was used in the current study. Patients were given this questionnaire preoperatively and postoperatively to evaluate subjective and objective outcomes

From: Arthroscopic arthrodesis for ankle arthritis without bone graft

Parameter Points
Pain (40 points)
 None 40
 Mild 30
 Moderate 20
 Severe 0
Function (50 points)
 Activity limitations
  None 10
  Limitations on recreational activities 7
  Some limitations on daily and recreational activities 4
  Severe limitations on daily and recreational activities 0
 Maximum continuous walking distance
  600 m or more 5
  400 m to less than 600 m 4
  100 m to less than 400 m 2
  Less than 100 m 0
 Walking surfaces
  No difficulty on any surface 5
  Some difficulty on uneven terrain, stairs, and inclines 3
  Severe difficulty or inability to walk on uneven terrain, stairs, and inclines 0
 Gait abnormality
  None or slight 8
  Obvious (walking possible but gait abnormality obvious) 4
  Marked (walking difficult and gait abnormality obvious) 0
 Sagittal motion (flexion plus extension)
  Normal or mild restriction (30° or more) 8
  Moderate restriction (15°–29°) 4
  Severe restriction (less than 15°) 0
 Hindfoot motion (inversion plus eversion)
  Normal or mild restriction (75–100% normal) 6
  Moderate restriction (25–74% normal) 3
  Severe restriction (less than 25% normal) 0
 Ankle-hindfoot stability (anterior drawer, varus-valgus stress)
  Stable 8
  Unstable 0
Alignment (10 points)
 Good, plantigrade foot, well aligned 10
 Fair, plantigrade foot, mild to moderate degree of malalignment 5
 Poor, nonplantigrade foot, severe malalignment 0