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Table 1 The top five terms of Gene Ontology category analysis for the up-regulated differentially expressed genes

From: Identification of genes associated with methotrexate resistance in methotrexate-resistant osteosarcoma cell lines

Category Term Name Counts Gene symbol p value
Biological process GO:0034976 Response to endoplasmic reticulum stress 21 AARS, CCND1, FAM129A, GSK3B, … 3.17E−10
GO:0006418 tRNA aminoacylation for protein translation 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 3.41E−08
GO:0043038 Amino acid activation 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 7.23E−08
  GO:0043039 tRNA aminoacylation 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 7.23E−08
  GO:0034620 Cellular response to unfolded protein 14 AARS, CCND1, SERP1, STC2, … 1.35E−06
Molecular function GO:0004812 Aminoacyl-tRNA ligase activity 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 6.72E−09
GO:0016875 Ligase activity, forming carbon-oxygen bonds 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 6.72E−09
GO:0016876 Ligase activity, forming aminoacyl-tRNA and related compounds 12 AARS, PARS2, TARS, YARS, … 6.72E−09
GO:0015175 Neutral amino acid transmembrane transporter activity 7 SLC1A4, SLC1A5, SLC3A2, SLC7A5, … 2.70E−06
GO:0015171 Amino acid transmembrane transporter activity 9 SLC1A4, SLC1A5, SLC3A2, SLC7A5, … 1.74E−4
Cellular components GO:0043231 Intracellular membrane-bounded organelle 370 CCND1, COL1A2, EEF1A2, GADD45A, … 5.07E−06
GO:0043227 Membrane-bounded organelle 371 CCND1, COL1A2, EEF1A2, GADD45A, … 5.19E−06
GO:0005622 Intracellular 448 AARS, CCND1, EEF1A2, GADD45A, … 3.09E−05
GO:0044424 Intracellular part 443 AARS, CCND1, EEF1A2, GADD45A, … 4.49E−05
  GO:0005737 Cytoplasm 346 AARS, CD9, CCND1, EEF1A2, … 8.23E−05