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Table 2 Advantages and disadvantages of some sources of harvesting bone grafts

From: Bone regenerative medicine: classic options, novel strategies, and future directions

Source Advantages Disadvantages
Iliac crest Large bone volume, rich source of progenitor cells and growth factors, easy access, providing both cancellous and cortical bones Nerve, arterial, and urethral injury, increased blood loss, hematoma, infection, chronic post-operative donor site pain, high patient morbidity, high recovery time, large scar, hip subluxation, pelvic fractures, costly, local infection
Distal radius Lower bone turn-over than iliac crest, lower post-operative pain than the iliac crest, easy to harvest, small incision is needed Superficial radial nerve injury, fracture, infection
Tibia Easy to access, less operative time, and less gait disturbance than the iliac crest Fracture, less bone volume than iliac crest, infection