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Table 3 Overall complication rates for patients underwent surgery for lumbar degenerative scoliosis, 2008-2012 (N = 236)

From: Risk factors for postoperative complication after spinal fusion and instrumentation in degenerative lumbar scoliosis patients

Complication n
Return to operating room 2
Urinary tract infection 2
Death within 90 d 1
Congestive heart failure in 1 mo after surgery 1
Progressive renal insufficiency 1
Acute renal failure 1
Peripheral nerve injury 3
Bleeding requiring > 4 units of RBCs 7
Pneumonia 5
Reintubation for respiratory or cardiac failure 2
Myocardial infarction 1
Failure to wean > 48 hr 1
DVT/thrombophlebitis 4
Pulmonary embolism 1
Cerebrovascular accident/stroke 1
wound complication 4
  1. Total number of patients in these composites is not the sum of individual complications because some patients had more than 1 complication. RBC indicates red blood cell; CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; DVT, deep vein thrombosis.