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Table 1 Modified University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) activity scale

From: Revision of failed hip resurfacing to total hip arthroplasty rapidly relieves pain and improves function in the early post operative period

Category Activity level
1 Inactive: Wholly inactive. Dependent on others. Cannot leave residence
2 Mostly inactive: Restricted to minimum activities of daily living.
3 Mild activity: Sometimes participates in mild activities such as walking, limited housework and shopping.
4 Regularly participates in mild activities. Sedentary occupational work.
5 Moderate activity: Sometimes in moderate activities such as swimming and can do unlimited housework or shopping.
6 Regularly participates in moderate activities. Light occupational work
7 Active Regularly participates in active events such as bicycling, aqua-aerobics. Gardening or working out in the gym once or twice a week.
8 Very active: Regularly participates in very active events such as bowling, golf. Riding, hunting, aerobics. Gardening or working out in the gym three times per week or more. Moderately heavy occupational work. Farming.
9 Impact sports: Sometimes participates in impact sports such as running, jogging, tennis, cricket, baseball, rugby, football, hockey, racquet sports, judo, karate and other martial arts, skiing, acrobatics, ballet dancing, backpacking and mountaineering.
Heavy occupational work.
10 Regularly participates in impact sports as described above