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Table 1 Scapular tuberculosis as available in literature till date

From: Isolated cystic tuberculosis of scapula; case report and review of literature

  Study No. of patients Age/sex Area of Scapula involved Presenting complaints Other focus Treatment
1 Lafond 1958 [13] One NA NA NA NA NA
2 Martini et al. 1986 [2] One NA Acromian NA NA NA
3 Shannon et al. 1990 [14] One 4/M Scapula Pain and swelling in left shoulder Multifocal cystic lesion, with Right ileum involvement ATT
4 Mohan et al. 1991 [3] One 23/F Body of scapula Pain and swelling Isolated Drainage and ATT
5 Gusati et al. 1997 [4] One NA Spine of scapula Pain Isolated Surgery and ATT
6 Vohra et al. 1997 [5] One NA Body of scapula NA Isolated NA
7 Kam et al. 2000 [6] Two 31/M Acromian, 1) Pain and swelling Isolated Debridement and curettage + ATT
    22/F Lareral border of scapula 2) Incidental finding Multifocal (T12 and L2 vertebrae; upper part of the Rt sacroiliac Joint) ATT
8 Greenhow and Weintrub 2004 [15] One 14/F Inferior aspect of the left scapula Enlarging, nontender mass Cystic lesion with a soft tissue component, located dorsal to the Lt scapula Scapular mass excision
9 Stones and Schoeman 2004 [16] One 42/M Scapula Discharging sinus Multifocal tuberculosis involving maxilla, parital bones and spine Died
10 Husen et al. 2006 [7] One 18/M Spine of scapula near neck Diffuse pain Isolated ATT
11 Srivastav et al 2006 [8] One 26/F Inferior angle of scapula Pain and swelling Isolated ATT
12 Solav S 2007 [11] Three 54/F Medial margin and spine of scapula Pain Isolated ATT
    26/M Rt scapula Occiptal headache and backpain (incidental finding on bone scan) Multifocal (sternum, rib, vertebra) NA
    40/M Rt scapula Rt shoulder pain and backache Multifocal (L4 vertebra) NA
13 Jain et al 2009 [9] One 14/M Body of scapula involving glenoid margin Rt
Pain swelling and discharging sinus
Isolated ATT
14 Singh et al 2009 [10] One 49/F Inferior angle of Lt scapula Pain and swelling Isolated ATT
  1. M: Male, F: Female, Rt: Right, Lt: Left, NA: not available, ATT: Antitubercular therapy