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Table 1 Published cases with isolated thumb CMC dislocation in English literature

From: Isolated thumb carpometacarpal joint dislocation: a case report and review of the literature

Study Year Number of cases Treatment Result
Shah J and Patel 7
Clin Orthop Relat Res
1983 4 A. Open reduction + pinning (2 patients)
B. Closed reduction pinning (1 patient)
C. Open reduction + cast in (1 patient)
A. Dorsal subluxation, mild arthritic changes.
B and C. No subluxation - Normal range of motion
Watt N and Hooper G 8
J Hand Surg
1987 12 A. Closed reduction + cast (6 patients)
B. Closed reduction + cast after 3-21 days (3 patients)
C. Closed reduction + pinning + cast (3 patients)
A. Asymptomatic instability
B. Pain and instability
C. No pain or instability
Chen VT 2
J Hand Surg (Br)
1987 1 Ligament reconstruction Good functional result
Jacobsen CW and Elberg JJ 3
Scand J Plast Reconstr Surg Hand Surg
1988 1 Closed reduction + pinning Slight instability
Simonian PT and Trumble TE 12
J Hand Surg (Am)
1996 17 A. Closed reduction + pinning (8 patients)
B. Early ligamentous reconstruction (9 patients)
A. Revision surgery for recurrent instability in 4 patients (50%)
B. Normal grip strength and range of motion
Kural C et al 11
Acta Orthop Traum Turc
2002 1 Closed reduction + cast No pain or instability
Khan AM et al 10
Am J Orthop
2003 1 Closed reduction + cast Good functional result
Bosmans et al. 1
J Hand Surg (Am)
2008 2 Closed reduction + cast No instability-Normal range of motion