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Table 3 QTR in patient previously treated with TKA

From: Complex ruptures of the quadriceps tendon: a systematic review of surgical procedures and outcomes

Nr. of reference No. of patients Gender Mean age Mechanism of rupture Time before surgery Type of lesion/rerupture Associated injury/comorbidities Type of surgery Complications
[44] Chronic quadriceps tendon rupture after total knee arthroplasty augmented with synthetic mesh. (2017) Ormaza et al. 3 2 M 1 F 67,5 One of them experienced trauma 1 year after TKA revision surgery; one of them 6 months after TKA revision surgery; one of them 2 years after TKA revision surgery 148 days Full thickness One of them had a hystory of hemochromatosis End-to-end sutures No. 5 Ethibond and reinforcement with MUTARS synthetic mesh None
[18] Repair of ruptured quadriceps tendon with Leeds-Keio ligament following revision knee surgery. (2008) Rust et al. 1 F 86 4 months after TKA revision surgery 120 days Chronic full-thickness + 10-cm QT retraction None Leeds-Keio graft inserted in an 8 shape and sutured to the periosteum None
[23] Modified V-Y turndown flap augmentation for quadriceps tendon rupture following total knee arthroplasty: a retrospective study. (2019) Shi et al. 23 10 M 13F 61 Fall from a standing height after TKA 21 days (range, 14 to 56 days) Complete quadriceps tendon rupture following TKA + 1rerupture Obesity, diabetes, chronic dialysis, steroid dependence (12pt) V-Y turndown flap 1 hematoma and delayed wound healing 1 fall and rerupture after 24 months
[37] Extensor mechanism reconstruction with use of Marlex Mesh. (2019) Abdel et al. 27 10 M 17 F 67 Rupture after TKA 219 Complete QT rupture Obesity, diabetes, coronary artery diease, hypertension, OA, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson, cancer (leukemia, breast cancer, bladder cancer) Marlex Mesh augmentation 5 QT re-ruptures that required mesh revision
[38] Polypropylene mesh augmentation for complete quadriceps rupture after total knee arthroplasty. (2016) Nodzo et al. 7 2 M 5 F 58,7 Rupture after TKA 90 days Complete QT rupture Diabetes, rheumathoid arhtritis, chronic pulmunary disease with steroid use, HCV, drug abuse, smoke, chronic renal failure Polypropylene mesh augmentation 2 QT reruptures and 2 QT rerupture with infections
[33] Reconstruction of disrupted extensor mechanism after total knee arthroplasty. (2017) Lim et al. 3 2 M 1 F 59 Rupture after TKA 205 days Complete QT rupture GERD, Pulmunary embolism, diabetes, hypothyroid, asthma, hypertension, stroke, smoke Achilles tendon allograft 1 deep infection and graft failure
[34] Long-term results of extensor mechanism reconstruction using Achilles tendon allograft after total knee arthroplasty. (2018) Wise et al. 6 3 M 3 F 68 Rupture after TKa Complete QT rupture [5] + 1 bilateral rupture Hypertension [3],GERD, obesity [3], hypothyroidism, asthma, chronic kidney disease, OA, Diabetes [3] Achilles tendon allograft None
[48] Quadriceps tendon rupture after total knee arthroplasty. Prevalence, complications, and outcomes. (2005) Dobbs et al. 7 1 M 6 F 72 3 patients fall, 1 patients while kneeling, 2 patients while walking, 1 patient while rising from a chair 40 days QT rupture after TKA, 1 rerupture Obesity [1], steroid abuse [1], DM [1] Suture 4 reruptures and 1 chronic recurvatum