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Table 5 Vertical load displacement (mm) of the fracture gap for the 4 kinds of fixation for the U-type fracture

From: Biomechanical study of transsacral-transiliac screw fixation versus lumbopelvic fixation and bilateral triangular fixation for “H”- and “U”-type sacrum fractures with traumatic spondylopelvic dissociation: a finite element analysis study

U-type fracture Displacement (mm)
A1A2 B1B2 C1C2
Single T-S1 fixation 0.35635 0.20655 0.38296
T-S1 S2 fixation 0.31875 0.17605 0.33581
Lumbopelvic fixation 0.27315 0.20383 0.14006
Bilateral triangular fixation 0.06335 0.02739 0.05047