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Table 2 Detailed characteristics of the patients required a subsequent surgery after the transosseous suture fixation technique

From: Surgical treatment of proximal humeral fractures with the transosseous suture fixation

Patient ID Gender Fracture type Age at the index surgery Time to reintervention (months) Reason for subsequent surgery Procedure
#11 Female 3-part varus 63 22 HHAVN Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
#21 Male 4-part 53 36 HHAVN Hemiarthroplasty
#48 Female 4-part 33 17 Frozen shoulder Arthroscopic capsular release
#49 Female 4-part 58 19 HHAVN Hemiarthroplasty
  1. HHAVN humeral head avascular necrosis, ID identification