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Fig. 2

From: A novel “three-dimensional-printed individual guide template-assisted percutaneous vertebroplasty” for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture: a prospective, controlled study

Fig. 2

A case (no. 29 case in Table 1) in group B

A The imaging of compressed vertebra. A1 TIWI view. A2 T2WI view. A3 FS view. A4 Posterioanterior view. A5 Lateral view. B1 Place Kirschner’s needles to determine the puncture points. B2 Skin puncture points. B3 Fluoroscope image of using Kirschner’s needles to determine the puncture points. B4 Using puncture needles to double check the puncture points. B5 Fluoroscope image of check the puncture points. B6, C1 Tapping the needles for the punctuation. C2–3 Injecting bone cement bilaterally via the needles. C4-C8 With confirmation of fluoroscopy views, the needles were gradually tapped through the pedicle. C9–C11 Injection of bone cement. D1–2) After the operation, lateral and anteroposterior view of fluoroscopy to check the bone cement distribution

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