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Table 5 The significant terms identified by GO enrichment analysis for the downregulated DEGs in necrosis of the femoral head samples (p<0.05)

From: Bioinformatics analysis and identification of genes and molecular pathways in steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Category Term Description Count P-value Genes
BP GO:0007050 Cell cycle arrest 5 0.002699248 STK11, CDKN2C, GADD45A, STRADB, PA2G4
  GO:0071456 Cellular response to hypoxia 4 0.007223815 BNIP3L, RGCC, FOXO3, AQP1
  GO:0032147 Activation of protein kinase activity 3 0.014701889 STK11, RGCC, STRADB
  GO:0006914 Autophagy 4 0.017407385 GABARAPL2, STK11, MAP1LC3B, OPTN
  GO:0006417 Regulation of translation 3 0.019332720 AKT2, PA2G4, FOXO3
  GO:0071474 Cellular hyperosmotic response 2 0.024406307 YBX3, AQP1
  GO:0006977 DNA damage response, signal transduction by p53 class mediator resulting in cell cycle arrest 3 0.026857056 TFDP1, RGCC, GADD45A
  GO:0006915 Apoptotic process 7 0.028790620 KANK2, GADD45A, AKT2, SIAH2, PIM1, MAPK1, SUDS3
  GO:0031659 Positive regulation of cyclin-dependent protein serine/threonine kinase activity involved in G1/S tr 2 0.032410549 RGCC, PIM1
  GO:0016236 Macroautophagy 3 0.039024308 GABARAPL2, MAP1LC3B, OPTN
CC GO:0005829 Cytosol 31 0.000004220 SLC2A1, PCTP, HBD, FOXO3, SNX3, STK11, MAP1LC3B, PNP, ...
  GO:0005737 Cytoplasm 38 0.000058040 KANK2, WDR26, ZFAND5, FOXO3, YBX3, TPGS2, TRAK2, AQP1, ...
  GO:0005634 Nucleus 33 0.007200508 DCUN1D1, FOXO3, YBX3, DPCD, TRAK2, AQP1, STK11, PNP, ...
  GO:0005769 Early endosome 5 0.013450748 SNX3, AKT2, SIAH2, MAPK1, TRAK2
  GO:0005739 Mitochondrion 12 0.016407951 KANK2, BNIP3L, ARG2, STK11, MAP1LC3B, TFDP1, BSG, C10ORF10, ...
  GO:0005776 Autophagosome 3 0.027193553 GABARAPL2, MAP1LC3B, OPTN
  GO:0005667 Transcription factor complex 4 0.042391936 HES6, TFDP1, TCF3, PBX1
  GO:0070062 Extracellular exosome 18 0.049903125 ST13, AKR1C1, SLC2A1, CYBRD1, PA2G4, BPGM, PTPRF, AQP1, ...
MF GO:0005515 Protein binding 57 0.000001107 ZFAND5, SLC2A1, CISD2, PCTP, HBD, AQP1, STK11, MAP1LC3B, ...
  GO:0008134 Transcription factor binding 6 0.006463884 HES6, TFDP1, PIM1, MAPK1, TCF3, PBX1
  GO:0001227 Transcriptional repressor activity, RNA polymerase II transcription regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding 3 0.024911797 HES6, FOXO3, YBX3
  GO:0003677 DNA binding 13 0.041407275 HES6, ZFAND5, PA2G4, FOXO3, KLF3, YBX3, PBX1, TFDP1, ...
  GO:0003700 Transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding 9 0.044742463 HES6, TFDP1, TCF3, PA2G4, SOX6, FOXO3, YBX3, KLF3, ...