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Table 4 The significant terms identified by GO enrichment analysis for the upregulated DEGs in necrosis of the femoral head samples (p<0.05)

From: Bioinformatics analysis and identification of genes and molecular pathways in steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Category Term Description Count P value Genes
BP GO:0019882 Antigen processing and presentation 5 0.000006999 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DMB, CTSH, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0002504 Antigen processing and presentation of peptide or polysaccharide antigen via MHC class II 4 0.000007113 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DMB, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0006968 Cellular defense response 5 0.000011319 TYROBP, NCF1, NCF2, CXCR2, MNDA
  GO:0002381 Immunoglobulin production involved in immunoglobulin mediated immune response 3 0.000049653 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB1, GAPT
  GO:0019886 Antigen processing and presentation of exogenous peptide antigen via MHC class II 5 0.000054005 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DMB, IFI30, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0060333 Interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway 4 0.000549531 HLA-DRB5, IFI30, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0007165 Signal transduction 10 0.000916089 CSF3R, TYROBP, CXCR2, FPR1, RARA, ARAP1, STK4, HLA-DRB3, ...
  GO:0006954 Inflammatory response 6 0.001551430 CXCR1, CXCR2, FPR1, CHI3L1, FPR2, AIF1
  GO:0032689 Negative regulation of interferon-gamma production 3 0.001816240 HLA-DRB5, RARA, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0006935 Chemotaxis 4 0.002622088 CXCR1, CXCR2, FPR1, FPR2
CC GO:0042613 MHC class II protein complex 4 0.000013567 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DMB, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0030666 Endocytic vesicle membrane 4 0.000377723 CD163, HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0005887 Integral component of plasma membrane 11 0.000608833 CD163, ENTPD1, CSF3R, TYROBP, CXCR2, FPR1, LPAR2, FPR2, ...
  GO:0031902 Late endosome membrane 4 0.001306338 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DMB, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0071556 Integral component of luminal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane 3 0.001746841 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0030658 Transport vesicle membrane 3 0.002988198 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0030669 Clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle membrane 3 0.003471454 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0012507 ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane 3 0.005531042 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0005886 Plasma membrane 17 0.007697000 CD163, HLA-DRB5, ENTPD1, CSF3R, FPR1, LPAR2, LILRA1, FPR2, ...
  GO:0032010 Phagolysosome 2 0.008533401 NCF1, NCF2
MF GO:0042605 Peptide antigen binding 3 0.001704631 HLA-DRB5, HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0004918 Interleukin-8 receptor activity 2 0.004378952 CXCR1, CXCR2
  GO:0019959 Interleukin-8 binding 2 0.006561426 CXCR1, CXCR2
  GO:0004982 N-formyl peptide receptor activity 2 0.008739245 FPR1, FPR2
  GO:0004875 Complement receptor activity 2 0.013080956 FPR1, FPR2
  GO:0016175 Superoxide-generating NADPH oxidase activity 2 0.023854442 NCF1, NCF2
  GO:0032395 MHC class II receptor activity 2 0.032390762 HLA-DRB3, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0023026 MHC class II protein complex binding 2 0.034513467 HLA-DMB, HLA-DRB1
  GO:0004709 MAP kinase activity 2 0.047154872 MAP3K7CL, MAP3K5