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Table 2 Estimation of the average treatment effect and multivariable Cox regression model among the patients with hgb postoperative day three ≤ 6.5 mmol/L stratified by treatment of postoperative anemia (30-day follow-up), n=210. The multivariable analysis is adjusted for age, gender, CCI, polypharmacy, admission source, and infection in hospital

From: Association between intravenous iron therapy and short-term mortality risk in older patients undergoing hip fracture surgery: an observational study

ATE analysis Multivariable Cox regression model
  Average risk CI (95%) Hazard ratio CI (95%) p value
No treatment 0.184 [0.07–0.29] 1 Reference  
ABT 0.178 [0.06–0.30] 1.00 [0.245–4.087] 0.998
IV Monofer 0.023 [0.00–0.05] 0.41 [0.089–1.887] 0.254
IV Monofer and ABT 0.095 [0.03–0.16] 1.60 [0.399–6.434] 0.505