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Table 4 Comparison of radiological parameters among the three groups

From: A comparison of three different surgery approaches and methods for neurologically intact thoracolumbar fractures: a retrospective study

Radiological parameters COPSF group PPSF group POPSF group
CA (°)
 Preoperative 17.4±5.4 17.3±5.1 18.1±5.8
 3 d post 4.1±1.7 5.7±2.4a 4.3±2.2c
 Last 7.6±2.8 7.9±2.7 5.9±2.9b,c
VBA (°)
 Preoperative 20.9±5.0 21.2±5.5 21.9±6.1
 3 d post 7.0±3.0 9.1±3.2a 7.2±3.3c
 Last 9.3±3.2 10.6±3.5 8.3±4.0c
  1. CA Cobb angle, VBA vertebral body angle
  2. Using one-way ANOVA
  3. aSignificant difference between the PPSF and the COPSF groups
  4. bSignificant difference between the POPSF and the COPSF groups
  5. cSignificant difference between the POPSF and the PPSF groups