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Table 2 Relative risk of downsides

From: Biceps tenotomy versus tenodesis: patient-reported outcomes and satisfaction

Reported downsideRR95% CISignificance
Spasms/cramping2.491.20–5.19Significant; CI does not include 1
Biceps pain1.780.92–3.45Not significant; CI includes 1
Shoulder pain1.881.18–2.99Significant; CI does not include 1
Weakness1.600.81–3.16Not significant; CI includes 1
Limits daily activities1.300.56–3.02Not Significant; CI includes 1
Popeye Sign1.330.66–2.71Not Significant; CI includes 1
  1. Relative risk for “Yes” responses to downsides in tenotomy (exposure) versus tenodesis (non-exposure)