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Table 2 VAS and PCA of the two groups

From: Comparison between local infiltration analgesia with combined femoral and sciatic nerve block for pain management after total knee arthroplasty

ItemsPNB (N = 82)LIA (N = 124)P value
Day 1 VAS on rest1.351.350.95
Day 2 VAS on rest0.730.850.42
Day 1 VAS with movement3.253.160.82
Day 2 VAS with movement2.552.470.80
Day 1 PCA consumption33.6233.740.86
Day 2 PCA consumption28.4524.880.55
  1. Outcomes: VAS on rest, VAS with movement, and PCA consumption presented as mean
  2. PNB peripheral nerve block, LIA local infiltration analgesia, VAS visual analog scale, PCA patient-controlled analgesia