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Table 1 Patients’ data from the 183 patients

From: An antibiotic cement-coated locking plate as a temporary fixation for treatment of infected bone defects: a new method of stabilization

Number (male-to-female), n 183 (154:29)
Mean age (range), years 42.8 (10–68)
Site (femur; tibia; fibula), n 81; 100; 2
Duration of bone infection (range), months 0.5–540
Aetiology (no. of patients)Post-traumatic148
 Closed fractures 54
 Open fractures 94
Organisms (no. of patients)Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)56 (16)
Enterobacter cloacae13
Pseudomonas aeruginosa11
Escherichia coli9
Cierny-Mader classificationIII48
(no. of patients)IV135
Physiologic classA103
Smoker 70
Follow-up (12–66 months)Extra revision
Infection-free bone healing