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Table 3 Relationship between postoperative patient-reported outcomes and Beighton score, Insall-Salvati ratio, Q angle, and TT–TG distance

From: Treatment of patellar dislocation with arthroscopic medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction using gracilis tendon autograft and modified double-patellar tunnel technique: minimum 5-year patient-reported outcomes

 Kujala scoreTegner scoreLysholm score
r valueP valuer valueP valuer valueP value
Q-angle− 0.4210.009− 0.2020.223− 0.413.010
TT–TG distance− 0.1120.502− 0.0960.565− 0.159.342
Insall–Salvati ratio− 0.1310.433− 0.1070.523− 0.089.597
Beighton score− 0.0170.9180.0340.841− 0.077.645