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Table 2 Recovery of bacteria from rats inoculated with a small inoculum of two S. epidermidis strains

From: Establishment of an in vivo rat model for chronic musculoskeletal implant infection

 ATCC 35984ATCC 12228
Inoculum (CFU)1.02 (0.80–1.12)·1020.92 (0.87–1.04)·102
Rats (n)44
Bone grafts (n)88
Steel plates (n)a1212
Bacterial growth in bone grafts (total CFU)341 (± 266)·105109 (± 79)·105
Bacterial growth in sonicate fluid (CFU/ml)159 (± 100)·102113 (± 94)·102
  1. aFrom each animal, one steel plate was processed for SEM and three steel plates were sonicated
  2. The number of CFU in bone grafts and sonicate fluid are presented as mean (± 1 SD)