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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Cephalo-medullary nailing versus dynamic hip screw with trochanteric stabilisation plate for the treatment of unstable per-trochanteric hip fractures: a meta-analysis

Author Country Design Level of evidence No. of patients (CMN/DHS w/ TSP) Age (mean) Gender (M:F) Follow-up Classification system Used functional score
Klinger 2005 [22] Germany Retrospective cohort III 122/51 74 61/112 17 AO/OTA The Merle d’Aubigné Hip Score
Madsen 1998 [11] Norway RCT II 50/85 78.1/78.9 50/85 6 Evans and Zickels Walking assessment (unaided, aided, unable)
Muller 2019 [23] Germany Retrospective cohort III 200/100 82.6/83.6 200/100 24 AO/OTA NR
Nuber 2003 [24] Germany Retrospective cohort III 65/64 81/82 NR 6 AO/OTA The Merle d’Aubigné Hip Score
Patil 2017 [25] India Prospective cohort III 22/22 61.05 26/18 6 AO/OTA Harris Hip Score
  1. CMN cephalo-medullary nail, DHS dynamic hip screw, TSP trochanteric stabilisation plate, M male, F female, No. number, RCT randomised controlled trial, NR not recorded, AO/OTA Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Osteosynthesefragen/Orthopaedic Trauma Association