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Table 4 cis-eQTL signals of SNP rs6815464 that achieved genome-wide significance

From: Common variants in MAEA gene contributed the susceptibility to osteoporosis in Han Chinese postmenopausal women

SNP Gene Ref_Allele Alt_Allele P-Values NES Tissue
rs6815464 MAEA C G 1.70×10-6 -0.17 Whole Blood
rs6815464 MAEA C G 1.10×10-5 -0.31 Skin - Sun Exposed (Lower leg)
rs6815464 MAEA C G 2.80×10-5 -0.47 Nerve - Tibial
rs6815464 MAEA C G 5.00×10-5 -0.44 Thyroid
rs6815464 AC139887.4 C G 6.80×10-5 1.10 Brain - Cerebellum
rs6815464 CTBP1 C G 7.80×10-5 0.25 Lung
rs6815464 CTBP1-AS2 C G 1.10×10-5 -0.34 Nerve - Tibial
  1. NES Normalized effect size.