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Table 1 The Japanese Orthopedic Association (JOA) score for patients with knee osteoarthritis

From: Unilateral-dominant reduction in muscle volume in female knee osteoarthritis patients: computed tomography-based analysis of bilateral sides

I. Pain on walking (total 30 points)
 Walking 1 km or more usually with no pain, without regard for mild pain, or rarely feeling pain with certain activities 30
 Walking 1 km or more regardless of pain 25
 Walking 500 m or more, but less than 1 km without regard for pain 20
 Walking 100 m or more, but less than 500 m without regard for pain 15
 Walking indoors or nearby, but less than 100 m without regard for pain 10
 Inability to walk 5
 Inability to stand 0
II. Pain on ascending or descending stairs (total 25 points)
 No pain 25
 Pain with handrails, but no pain with step-by-step ambulation 20
 Pain relieved by using handrails 15
 Pain with step-by-step ambulation, pain relieved by using handrails 10
 Pain even with step-by-step ambulation and handrail use 5
 Inability to ascend or descend because of pain 0
III. Range of motion (total 35 points)
 Squatting 35
 Sideways or cross-legged sitting 30
 Flexion or arc of motion of 110° or more 25
 Flexion or arc of motion of 75° or more 20
 Flexion or arc of motion of 35° or more 10
 Flexion or arc of motion less than 35° including ankylosis or severe flexion contracture 0
IV. Joint effusion (total 10 points)
 No edema, no swelling 10
 Occasional puncture required 5
 Frequent puncture required 0
  1. This table was translated by the authors with permission from the Japanese Orthopedic Association