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Table 1 Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria in this present study

From: Establishment and assessment of a nomogram for predicting blood transfusion risk in posterior lumbar spinal fusion

Number Inclusion criteria
1 (1) Lumbar disc herniation; (2) lumbar spinal stenosis; (3) lumbar spondylolisthesis; (4) lumbar disc herniation with spinal stenosis; (5) age greater than or equal to 40 years; (6) posterior fusion; (7) no coagulation abnormalities
  Exclusion criteria
2 (1) Revision surgery; (2) minimally invasive fusion surgery; (3) emergency surgery; (4) lumbar tumor; (5) lumbar tuberculosis; (6) Brucellosis; (7) lumbar scoliosis deformity; (8) lumbar fracture and dislocation; (9) cervical or thoracic surgery; (10) pre-deposit autologous blood transfusion; (11) recycled autologous blood transfusion; (12) preoperative blood transfusion