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Table 2 Correlation analysis between AMR and BMI, AMR and KSS total-post, AMR and HSS-post, BMI and KSS total-post, and BMI and HSS-post

From: Predictive value of adipose to muscle area ratio based on MRI at knee joint for postoperative functional outcomes in elderly osteoarthritis patients following total knee arthroplasty

  BMI KSS total-post HSS-post
r p r p r p
AMR 0.56 0.000 − 0.43 0.000 − 0.37 0.001
BMI − 0.33 0.003 − 0.27 0.019
  1. BMI body mass index, AMR adipose to muscle area ratio, KSS score the Knee Society Score, HSS score the Hospital for Special Surgery knee score