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Table 3 Top 5 author and reference co-citation

From: Research hotspots and trends of bone defects based on Web of Science: a bibliometric analysis

No. Frequency Study types Cited reference Author (year of publication)
1 57 Article Evaluation of bone regeneration using the rat critical size calvarial defect SPICER PP (2012) [35]
2 47 Article The concept of induced membrane for reconstruction of long bone defects MASQUELET AC (2010) [12]
3 47 Review Bone regeneration: current concepts and future directions DIMITRIOU R (2011) [36]
4 41 Review Bone regenerative medicine: classic options, novel strategies, and future directions ORYAN A (2014) [37]
5 40 Review Osteogenesis and angiogenesis: the potential for engineering bone KANCZLER JM (2008) [38]