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Table 11 Modified Iowa Level of Assistance Scale (Kimmel et al. [12])

From: Patient and surgical prognostic factors for inpatient functional recovery following THA and TKA: a prospective cohort study

Score Amount of assistance Items 1–4 Item 5 Item 6
0 Independent No assistance or supervision is necessary to safely perform the activity (with or without an assistive device/aid) > 40 m No assistive device
1 Standby Nearby supervision is required; no contact is necessary 26–40 m 1 stick or crutch
2 Minimal One point of contact is necessary, including helping with the application of the assistive device, getting legs on/off leg rest, and stabilising the assistive device 10–25 m 2 sticks
3 Moderate Two points of contact needed (1–2 people) 5–9 m 2 elbow crutches
4 Maximal Significant support—3 or more points of contact (> 1 person) 3–4 m 2 axillary crutches
5 Failed Attempted activity but failed with maximal assistance 2 m Frame (standard or wheelie)
6 Not tested Test was not attempted due to medical reasons or reasons of safety < 2 m Gutter/platform frame, standing lifter, hoist, or unsafe to use aid
  1. Modified Iowa Level of Assistance Scale items: 1—supine to sitting on the edge of the bed, 2—sit to stand, 3—walking, 4—negotiation of one step, 5—walking distance, 6—assistive device used